Friday, July 31, 2015

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I did end up signing up for a gofundme account, per the suggestion of my friend, which if there are any stranger readers out there, please feel more than free to contribute. i offer my gratitude in the form of virtual hugs. This is how I feel today, a FB update to my page-o-begging: 

I'm homeless in 30 days. Holy balls! I'm not going to lie and say I'm not anxious or apprehensive. I am. So far I have saved enough to cover 1.5 months of vagabonding. But I wouldn't be able to say that without the help of my amazing friends and family (and friends and family of friends) who have donated thus far. I honestly can't thank them enough. More than the money, it serves as an uplifting feeling of support (a virtual hug or high five, if you will) every time I get an email saying I got a new donation (no matter the denomination). Each time, a little stupid smile spreads across my face and my heart warms. That people believe in what I'm doing (or appreciate the notion) enough to take the time (and cash) to donate, means more than I can express. It helps me believe I can (and should) do this on the nights I lie in bed now, completely exhausted and enjoying all of my creature comforts, wondering if this trip is the right choice. Knowing that in days, soon nearing the single digits, I will be voluntarily giving up my comforts, home, and the security of a job in order to search for something I won't know until I find it. Thank you past (and hopefully future) supporters. THANK YOU so much.

The past few weeks packages of random items have been arriving to my house. (Don't judge the pink knife; it was $5 cheaper okay?) Deliveries including a case of butane - that's a normal, every day delivery, right? I took my last trip to my parents house with bins last weekend, filling as many nooks and crannies of my car as I could because I knew whatever doesn't fit next time with all my camp gear and life-out-of-a-car, was going in the garbage. And my nerves begin to rattle as I can no longer say "in a few months" or "next month". Tomorrow it is "this month." This month is the month where everything changes. Hold on to your mother fucking boots, self.


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