Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 101: Recoup

Olaf's - previously a gentleman's club, now a bar with
an interesting hallway. 
 I'm not going to lie; I've been really, really, really lazy for a week. I've officially entered the triple digits of days since I've been gone. This week, I've been back with my host family, I have gone out to a bars and dinners a couple of times. I also had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend from DC, Jeff. As he is not on Facebook, a girlfriend following me who speaks to him often, informed him that I was in Seattle when she knew he was going there for work.

It was incredible to see him. First, because I often feel as though I'm being forgotten. It's hard to leave and have people correspond with you less and less (and I'm guilty of not being particularly proactive on the front; I can barely keep the blog up to date), so it's nice to know you're still being talked about; in friend's minds, a place still marked on their hearts. Second, it's always an incredibly comfortable link to my 'past' life to see friends who became my family during my time in DC. Seeing him and laughing for hours was amazing and it really rejuvenated me.

Part of the reason I have been in Seattle so long - doing mostly nothing - is because it won't stop fucking raining. The planned week that I was in Seattle, it was unseasonably clear, warm and sunny - unheard of for the PNW in November. When I left, I tweeted,"Dear Seattle, I left so the beautiful, unseasonably sunny days that appeared to follow are probably going to turn back to rain. I'm sorry."

My tweet was terribly accurate and it hasn't stopped raining
Thanks for the nachos, cocktails
and laughs, Jeff.
since I left. (Perhaps my Weather Genie powers do still exist.) In fact, it's been raining so much and so hard, that Portland is flooded. Portland is my next stop and one of the cities that was on my original list of places to visit as a potential new city to live in - and so I waited for it to un-flood.

Tonight, I was supposed to see Thom again before I left. He's been in Colorado for the past week for something or other. Unfortunately, he's apparently a moron (who never flies) and didn't know that you had to be at your gate at 20 minutes prior to the departure time. So now he's stuck in the airport overnight. So, I guess I'm going to see him tomorrow before I leave, but who knows.

Either way, I'm finally heading to Oregon and down the Pacific Coast Highway (as was part of the original plan), heading to Las Vegas to head home for Christmas (not part of the original plan) instead of San Diego, through San Jose. Those are my last two cities on my shopping list of new homes. But I guess San Diego will have to wait until I come back from Christmas on the east coast.

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