Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 71: Canyonlands NP

I woke up and headed out of Moab and up the hill. There were a few campgrounds along the way, Horsethief Campground, the only one of which was still open - about 5 miles outside of the park. I drove in, made a nice chicken salad with tomatoes and avocado in my car out of whatever was in the "kitchen", then hiked around and took looks of photos at the Grand View Point Overlook. (Accurately named.) Montage time (all photos - aside from the header photo are unedited) ...

I was there for about three hours, and by then I was chasing a setting sun. So I hurried over to Green River Overlook and Upheaval Dome, hiking back at sunset.

I drove up and down the mountain - or canyon - top for a bit, looking for WiFi reception before deciding that the campsite I had found earlier was my best option. I  had one bar at the site at the end next to a party that was happening by a camper. Unfortunately, I apparently was sharing the spot with another visitor...

Poisonous spiders? No thank you. Being the only spot with one bar, I was unwilling to move. I decided to sleep in my car. I layered up in my zebra onesie, transitioned my car into my bed, made some tuna salad and a bourbon ginger, popped in the DVD I had won at trivia night and salt lake and was snug as a bug in a rug (although I really don't much understand that turn of phrase). It was a good night. I was satisfied and comfortable...until I had to pee. The temperature was in the 20s, so I walked over to the nearest bush (the vault toilets weren't worth the trek) and froze my bum off... literally!

Since there were were only four cars there that night and the temps dipping to around 20 in a particularly off season, I decided try my luck at avoiding payment by grabbing an envelop, filling it out, putting the tag on the post as normal and then tucking my envelope with money in it under my windshield wiper. (It worked. Savings: $15. Score.)

I awoke in the morning to a call from my mother. A status update on my father and a general "how are you." I then did my makeup in an attempt to feel slightly more civilized before heading back down the hill to running water and people with jobs. I was surprised to look at myself and realize that while reality said I hadn't seen running water in over 30 hours, my face said 'normal'. Onward to Seattle...

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