Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 82: Tindering and Thanksgiving, Part 1

One of the four key components to finding a new city is checking out the dating scene. So being in that I was trying to weigh Seattle to be certain it wasn't my new home, going on a few dates seemed like a given. The first date was today, Tuesday, and incredibly spur of the moment. I don't like to go into a host families' homes and eat all of their food, plus I needed to buy supplies to make a couple of dishes to contribute to Thanksgiving  potluck on Thursday, so I was on my way to Safeway when I got a message from a guy we'll call Hats.

We arranged a meet around the corner from where we both happened to be in Redmond (a town just outside of the city) at a tap house. He was letting his "friend's" dog out (which I later got him to admit was actually his ex-girlfriend's dog, because either I'm perspicacious or men are transparent... probably both) and I was just getting to Safeway. When I got there, I had to canvas the tap house/beer store for his face and I'm bad with faces and he happened to look like every other dude in Seattle: hat, long hair, some sort of cargo pant. My tactic when canvassing a room is to make eye contact with every man I see who might be the guy and wait for one of them to react: the one who reacts is typically him. The one who points or waves is always him. So he waves and I walk towards him.

Now, typically I have a rule that if a man is wearing hats in all of his photos, then I don't swipe right on him (right is yes, left is nope).  I like a man with hair and 9 time out of 9.5, if a man is wearing hats all of the time, he is bald. This nope rule also applies to: Soul patches, photos with cars, noting that they prefer cats, or if their bio is full of only travel or job information. I think if all you can talk about is what you do or where you've been, then you're probably not very interesting on your own. It's Tinder, I can be as judgey discerning as I please. On this occasion, I suppose I just wasn't paying attention while swiping and when we sat down to have our drinks and he didn't remove his cap, I immediately began to suspect that his tendrils, which extended well past his shoulders, were the last stragglers of the losing side of a civil war.

the quality of the photo of this rock wall is on par
with the quality of climb i did on it.
Despite that, I decided to cancel the tentative dinner plans I had with Jaci and postpone them until later in the week so that Hats and I could go to a park around the corner that had a free climbing wall. I found this an intriguing proposition, despite the hat and the cold. First, we stopped at a grocery store for a six pack (I chose Not Your Father's Root Beer, which I'm still obsessed with) and he acquiesced. He purchased the beer and we got back in his 1993 Buick. It was a real gem and smelled like wet shoes, which he attributed to wetsuits and weekend climbs. After that we were off to the park, but the wall was wet and it was cold; my frozen fingers could barely grab a hold - let alone a wet one - and I barely got off the ground. It wasn't worth it to me to get hurt when I have to pay a huge deductible for the shit insurance I'm using as a carry-over.

Soon after, we left. I was starving. He took me to Taco Time. It's as fancy as it sounds, but I'm not going to complain about free food. The weird thing was, he got the food to go. I thought we'd sit down and eat and then that would be the perfect time for me to make my exit. He asked if I wanted to eat in the car (that smelled like wet socks) or go back to his place. I went back to his place, he took off his hat and confirmed all of my hairy suspicious: the south was winner, showed me around and tried to cuddle a bit. I stayed in that predicament for about an hour, not wanted to be rude and shoving off just after eating my tacos. He offered that I stay and I said I'd better be on my way. He asked if he could see me again, I gave him a polite maybe before I headed out the door and back to Carnation. Nice enough guy, alright impromptu thing, but not really selling the Seattle dating scene there. 

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